About Us

The “Best Canada Tours” is a Multi-Purpose service providing a variety of high quality tours to Canada.
In the course of its successful tour activities, RAH TOURS - The Reliable Amazing Holiday Tours TICO #50016699 -as an International tour Operator, officially operating in Canada since 2008, who has provided more than several thousand of clients with high quality tour services, has now added the services of the “Best Canada Tours” as a subset branch of its services for inbound tours from all over the world to Canada.

These tours are divided into:

1- Leisure Tours

With our tours that include everything from the first moment of arrival to Canada, there’s no shortage of things to do and see during your stay in Canada. All our services include an expert Travel Director during the whole tour, hand-picked 4 or 5-star accommodation with breakfast, VIP entry to many sights, variety of optional experiences, comfortable highway coaches with experienced drivers, …etc.

2- Immigration tours

Canada has become one of the most popular destinations for immigrants; it has one of the highest immigration rates, about 250,000 new immigrants per year. A large proportion of the world’s population recognizes Canada as a nation that respects freedoms and individual rights, welcomes immigrants, tolerates differing races and cultures, and offers a high quality of living.
One of the services of the “Best Canada Tours” is running the Immigration Tours, in order to familiarize the clients with the initial information they need before starting their new life in Canada.
In the “best Canada Tours” Immigration tours we provide a unique supporting service to fulfill the initial needs of settlement for the immigrants to Canada. 

3- Exhibition Tours

Numerous exhibitions held annually in different cities in Canada, provide an opportunity and the proper platform for expanding trade, raising the level of knowledge, and providing the development of the business of many business owners and professionals. 
The “best Canada Tours” offer its "Exhibition Tours" to provide all the services required for its clients during the course of the exhibition and Conferences.
Attending the international exhibitions all around the world is certainly important for successful business owners and is in fact a good opportunity for them to not only have pleasant and memorable journey but also to expand their business activities.

4- Educational Tours

For students who choose Canada to pursue further education, the decision cannot be more perfect. Not only is the education in Canada among the best in the world, the country offers an experience that no other country can. Studying from a Canadian high school opens the doors leading to the most renowned international and Canadian universities.
Boarding schools in Canada are among the best schools in the world as they prepare students to tackle the ups and downs that they may or may not face in their future.
Immigrant parents value a high level of education for their children. Canada’s affordable education system has contributed to its appeal to immigrants. It is considered one of the best educational systems in the world, and is easily accessible due to its affordable costs.
For parents immigrating to Canada, the high standards of its education provide future opportunities to their children that they might not otherwise have access to. Canadian diplomas and certificates are viewed by many as equivalent to those of the U.S.
This has increased the number of immigrant students in the country. 
During the “best Canada Tours” educational tours, our clients will get acquainted to the laws and regulations of Study in Canada and our professional team will help you all the way to get admission for any kind and level of Education in Canada, including boarding schools, high school and Universities that offer high quality education

Our Website here contains very valuable information on the description of different services of the “Best Canada Tours”. 
We have tried to compile a valuable yet at the same time, functional collection of the required information you need to know before applying for any of the above cases:

  1. Why Travel / Immigrate to Canada?
  2. How to benefit from all the advantages and to avoid the disadvantages along the way?
  3. How to get you familiarized with the benefits you can trust with new entities?
  4. Why is the “Best Canada Tours “one of the best choices for an exciting, happy, successful and affordable trip to the beautiful country of Canada?

The “Best Canada Tours” activities are as follows:

  • Visa Services. The Visa Services Section with the cooperation of the Canada Immigration, provides advised planning, selling and operating of the tours to Canada from all over the world
  • Ticketing department in both domestic and international flights is at the customers’ service during any time of the day.
  • Conducting domestic tours in Canada such as Ontario, Quebec, Alberta and British Columbia
  • Conducting exclusive and tailor made tours and introductory meetings to help newcomers and immigrants of Canada
  • Conducting Exhibition tours and communicating with experts and specialists related to each of these tours.
  • Conducting and organizing English language training courses and summer camps with the presence of Canadian expert instructors for juniors

 The experienced team of the “Best Canada Tours” is highly motivated in their specialized work and is always there to help and give advice to our valued and esteemed customers. You will be doing business with mature, responsible professionals, dedicated to providing absolutely the finest tour programs available anywhere.
 We strongly believe that No advertisement is more effective than s satisfied customer