Grand Tour of Canada - Summer 1399 - 18 August 2020

On the Grand Tour of Canada, you'll visit Montreal, Ottawa, Niagara, Toronto, Banff and Vancouver, experience some of Canada's most beautiful cities with the best of modern and natural attractions, with an indescribable thrill and a memorable experience. Will accompany the tour of Canada.

Departure time: 2020-08-18

Duration: 17 Nights & 18 Days

ID: 21



Day 1 Location: Montreal

Arrival in Montreal, transfer to hotel for 3 nights with breakfast

Day 2 Location: Montreal

After breakfast, a full tour of the Montreal city includes visits to Notre Dame Church, St. Joseph's Church, Montreal Roof and the Old Town.

Day 3 Location: Quebec

After having breakfast, we toured the city of Quebec all day and visited its beautiful and historic sites.

Day 4 Location: Ottawa

After breakfast, transfer to Ottawa. Arriving in Ottawa and transferring to the hotel for a night's breakfast stay.

Day 5 Location: Ottawa

After breakfast, a 2-hour tour of Ottawa followed by land transfer to Niagara. Enjoy a 1-hour cruise to the Thousand Islands area on the way. Transfer to the hotel for 2 nights with breakfast.

Day 6 Location: Niagara

After breakfast, complete the Niagara City Tour with lunch at the Skylon Tower Battalion Restaurant, and then the exciting Niagara Falls Cruise.

Day 7 Location: Toronto

After breakfast, check-out and transfer to Toronto along with a visit to Niagara City On The Lake. Entrance to Toronto, transfer to hotel. 3 nights hotel stay with breakfast.

Day 8 Location: Toronto

After breakfast, a full tour of Toronto includes sightseeing and Iranian Plaza, Toronto's CN Tower, Downtown and Edward's Garden

Day 9 Location: Toronto

After breakfast, all day shopping tour. Visiting 2 major shopping malls in Toronto.

Day 10 Location: Banff

After breakfast, transfer to the airport to fly to Banff. Arrive at Banff and transfer to hotel for 3 nights with breakfast.

Day 11 Location: Banff

After breakfast, take an all-day excursion to Banff National Park, enjoying its breathtaking views of Lake Louise and Johnston Creek, which are world-renowned in beauty.

Day 12 Location: Banff

All day free time to enjoy the extraordinarily beautiful nature around the hotel.

Day 13 Location: Vancouver

After breakfast, transfer to Vancouver. Arrive in Vancouver and transfer to hotel for 4 nights with breakfast.

Day 14 Location: Vancouver

After breakfast, Vancouver's full city tour includes visits to Old Town Gas Town, Stanley Park, Capilano Bridge, and Grandville Island.

Day 15 Location: Victoria Island

After breakfast, Victoria Island's all-day excursion includes a visit to the beautiful Parliament Building and the surrounding area.

Day 16 Location: Vancouver

All day free time.

Day 17 Location: Vancouver

After breakfast, transfer to airport for flight to Iran. End of service