Niagara falls tour from Toronto, one day tour to Niagara falls

None of the trip will be completed  without visiting Niagara falls, Best Canada tours group offer different range of  Niagara falls tours from Toronto which fit your budget and your expectation. Niagara falls is one of the world attraction located in 120 south west of Toronto Ontario Canada. It does not matter you visiting Toronto as a tourist or as a business person, visiting Niagara falls will be your first and the best priority in your trip. A full day of joy excitement and exploration will make a memorable day tour in Niagara falls.

Niagara falls tour from Toronto

Niagara falls includes 3 falls located in border of Canada and United estate of America, Horseshoe falls belong to Canada is the biggest one with the 6400 cubic meter flow per second in peak time considered mot power full water fall in the world. American falls  is the second largest fall 10 % in us and 90 % in Canada, Rainbow bridge is one the US and Canada border is located close to this fall. The third one is Bridal Veil is completely located in US and be seprated from Horseshoe fall by Goat island.  World first hydraulic power plant was establish on Niagara river around 1890  with contribution of Nicola Tesla, George Westinghouse.

Niagara falls tour from Toronto

 More than  15 million visitors  travel to Niagara falls every year, this make Niagara falls become of the most desirable tourist spot in Canada.

Tour Itinerary to Niagara falls from Toronto:

Pick up from appointed place  at GTA( Great Toronto Area)  for private tour to Niagara falls from Toronto, either your Hotel  or your house in GTA at 7:30 am. We will drive you  to Niagara falls escorted by professional local guide, after 1 hour drive we will have 30 minutes stop on the rest area located in Queen Elizabeth highway with verity of food selections for your breakfast on your own cost. Around 11 am we arrive to Niagara falls  to do 30 minute road tour showing Niagara attractions such as Clifton hill street you will have time for walk around on Clifton hill. at 12 noon we will take you most excited part of your trip by Horn blower Niagara Cruise giving you the best opportunity to take picture just few hundred meter away from Niagara waterfalls with the largest water flow rate in the world. This is amazing experience in Niagara falls.  This  cruise will finish around 1:30 pm then we will arrange a unique lunch experience at the best view location in the area. Skylon tower revolving dining room on top of the tower of skylon locate 400 feet over the fall with verity of food selection like steak, fish, chicken and more.

Niagara falls tour from Toronto

After your lunch we will drive to Niagara on the lake from side road it will take 1 hour with 30 minutes stop at Niagara souvenir shop. You will find many  Canada symbols especially Niagara local gifts to take home.  On the way we will stop to visit flower clock also visiting one of the most power full power plant over the Niagara river, around 4:30 we have 30 minute to visit Niagara on the lake winery most famous wine county in Canada.   Around 5:30  pm you will have 1 hour to discover Niagara on the lake historical time we will drive back to Toronto around 6 pm and expected to be there around 8 pm.

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