1000 ISLANDS TOUR FROM TORONTO, The Thousand Island Cruise, One day tour to 1000 islands

The Thousand Islands are located between Ontario Canada and New york province USA It is a group of islands around 1,867 in the St. Lawrence River. A piece of land called island if it remains over the water 12 months and has at least 2 trees on that. There are some island with big size Wellesley Island is the largest in 1000 islands belong to united estate and Wolfe Island is the largest in Canadian side. The Thousand Islands is considering one of the world famous place to visit. When you visiting Toronto Canada, It is highly recommended 1 day tour from Toronto to 1000 islands, World shortest international bridge connecting Zavikon Island a Canadian and US island with 32 feet. This considers world shortest international bridge. During cruise in 1000 island you will see this amazing bridge. There is another bridge in 1000 island connect USA TO CANADA


 Thousand Islands Border Crossing Bridge connects the towns of Alexander bay In New york and IVY LEA in Ontario.

Kingston Canadian First capital is main City in The Thousand Islands area. In one day tour from Toronto to 1000 islands you have opportunity to visit one of the Canadian historical cities as well.


Magnificent beautiful land scape of 1000 islands, make an unforgettable day trip from Toronto to there. Enjoy an organized custom private tour to 1000 island escorting by professional local tour guides.

Optional activities you may like to do during this one day tour is visiting 100 island tower with 400 feet give you the unique opportunity to see 1000 island landscape form above.  Another option will be using helicopter tour in The Thousand Islands.


Tour itinerary:  Pick up from arranged location at 7:00 am drive to 401  1 hours and 30 minute first stop will be at big apple located nearby Colborne Ontario, A road side restaurant decorated in Canadian country style with a complete menu for dinning and a souvenir shop. You will have 30 minute time to visit and have breakfast here by your own choice and your own expense. Around 9:15 we will drive to Kingston Canada first capital in 1 hour tour you have opportunity to walk around in beautiful historic down town of Kingston and you will have a time for your lunch in one of the restaurant in waterfront. Kingston host one of the Canadian prestigious universities called Queens University. After lunch and 1 hour tour in Kingston we will drive from side road to Ivy lea  one of the main 1000 island cruise port. At 3:30 we start our wonderful 1000 island cruise and will visit many beautiful islands. Bold Castel is one of the major landmark in the Thousand Islands region and one most beautiful scenery and tourist attraction in 1000 islands cruise. After enjoying 1 hour cruise we will back to Ivy lea and drive back to Toronto, there is possibility of having 1 hour free time to enjoy earthier observatory in 1000 island tower of fly over the Thousand Islands by helicopter as a optional tour.  We expect to arrive Toronto around 8:30- 9:00 pm

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